Courses are facilitated by Paul Kenny - Certificate IV Training and Assessment (Artificial Breeding)

Cattle Artificial Insemination (AI)

Covering the anatomy and theory of artificial insemination - each student will have a thorough, practical understanding of how to inseminate cows.

Subjects covered:

  • Preparing for and conducting an artificial breeding programme

  • Artificial breeding uses

  • Anatomy and physiology using cow reproductive tracts

  • Heat detection

  • Hygienic insemination procedures

  • Heat synchronization using different programmes

  • Understanding semen collection, analysis, storage and morphology

  • Overview of embryo collection

  • Bull selection with tools available eg Breedplan

  • Practical insemination technique


AI courses are held according to demand and delivered in locations convenient to students.

Cattle AI Refresher

Refresher course content is designed to reflect the student's skill-base

Collecting Semen from Bulls

This course is conducted on-farm:


  • Collection of semen using electro-ejaculator/probe

  • Collection of semen using artificial vagina

  • Assessment of collected semen under microscope

  • AI Equipment

  • Preparing diluents for semen processing

  • Importance of temperature and hygiene control

  • Collection techniques depending on breed

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"Getting all my questions answered & being able to get up close & have a go was very valuable"

"Full coverage of unit, including safety etc was very useful and made up a complete understanding"
- October 2017

"Everything was explained very clearly & professionally -  no improvements needed!"

"The most valuable part was participating in procedures after learning the theory"

"Theory delivered with the practical made for great learning!"

"Simply explained information"

"I now have more knowledge and the ability to confidently look & understand bull semen under a microscope"

"Everything in this course was brilliant" (Collecting semen from bulls Oct 2017)