Cattle Artificial Insemination (AI)

Covering the anatomy and theory of artificial insemination - each student will have a thorough, practical understanding of how to inseminate cows.

Subjects covered:

  • Preparing for and conducting an artificial breeding programme

  • Artificial breeding uses

  • Anatomy and physiology using cow reproductive tracts

  • Heat detection

  • Hygienic insemination procedures

  • Heat synchronization using different programmes

  • Understanding semen collection, analysis, storage and morphology

  • Overview of embryo collection

  • Bull selection with tools available eg Breedplan

  • Practical insemination technique


AI courses are held according to demand and delivered in locations convenient to students.

Cattle AI Refresher

Refresher course content is designed to reflect the student's skill-base

Collecting Semen from Bulls

This course is conducted on-farm:


  • Collection of semen using electro-ejaculator/probe

  • Collection of semen using artificial vagina

  • Assessment of collected semen under microscope

  • AI Equipment

  • Preparing diluents for semen processing

  • Importance of temperature and hygiene control

  • Collection techniques depending on breed

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